Selling the family home and all that comes with it.

Let the cleaning and nagging begin!  We are putting our house up for sale – again.

Oh, how I dread this.


We are a blended family of 2 adults, 7 kids (6 of which live with us ranging in age from 13-21) and one beautiful elderly black labrador retriever.  When I say welcome to our home,
I also say welcome to our mess… back packs every where, bedroom floors barely visible under clothing, and a ridiculous number of shoes all over the floor right next to really nice empty shoe racks.  We have a beautiful, large, newly renovated kitchen which looks great for approximately 3 minutes after I clean it.  More often than not it is in a constant state of people eating, snacking, doing homework, hanging out, talking, laughing, chasing each other and then eating again, etc etc.

When it comes to getting these young adults I live with to do their part my plea is simple: Clean up your own stuff!!  I am not asking anyone to clean up after anyone else.  Just their own stuff.  Fair.  Simple.  Apparently not.  It would appear that this is too much to ask.  And don’t even get me started on a full clean dishwasher!!  As far as I have been made to understand no one empties it because no one else did!  Flawed logic if you ask me, but logic to them nonetheless.

So, I am now looking at weeks of cleaning, yelling, bribing, threatening, nagging and cleaning house cartoonwhatever else in order to try to maintain a clean and tidy house for showings.

This brings me to another, related issue (or rant), or call it a bit of a pet peeve from someone who has sold 6 family homes already.  Who decided that our houses need to be show room ready so another family who left their comfortable, lived in and likely messy home to come and see ours?  Who decided that the home needs to look not lived in?  “Remove all personal effects like pictures etc”  WHY?  I partly blame real-estate agents who want an easy sale along with endless television shows like “Love it, or List it”, where the entire premise of the show is that if your house is beautiful enough it will sell and you will make all kinds of money on it.  Instead of walking into a family home and declaring that “this house looks tired”, a real-estate agent could instead help the potential buyer see themselves in this home with their own belongings, pictures and scuff marks.  And buyers need to be able to use their imagination a little.  When we leave with our stuff you will only be left with four walls and the floor.  Paint them any colour you want, move your furniture in and place your pictures.  I promise you can be very happy in this house.  We were.  I have moved my family a lot and have learned that it is not the house that makes a happy home, it is the family in it.  Choose a house based on its size, bedroom numbers and location.  These are all things that are difficult or impossible to change once you are in it.  Everything else you can change.

We live in this house.  We love this house.  It is a beautiful house and has served this large blended family very well.  But it does show signs of us living here.  Oh no!  There are scuff marks on baseboards and walls from my sons carrying their hockey bags and where the kids have thrown their heavy back packs.  Our loved family pet has scratched up our floors.  Our couch has looked better.  There are fingerprints on the kitchen cabinets and our stainless steel appliances.  Not all our furniture matches.  Within hours of washing the floor there are dog hairs and foot prints on the floor (check out my previous post “No bare feet, I just washed the floor!“).  One day we might come to look at your home and I promise I will look past a missed spot on the kitchen counter, dust on the baseboards anything else that might show that you live there, but rushed out in order for us to be able to come in and wander around YOUR home.  You live there – I get it.

Out of pure desperation I called an impromptu family meeting last night to address the help we will need from the young adults who live with us and enjoy endless services provided by us…  It was met with impatience and disdain to say the least.  My two step-daughters tried to escape…

So it begins.  I will try to be patient. I will try my very best to find more hours in the day to do what needs to be done so they don’t have to.  I know my husband will do anything he can to help.  We will both drink a lot of wine.  And hopefully we all don’t hate each other at the end of it all 🙂

Happy Monday and have a great week every one 🙂 xo


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